Here’s a little bit about me.


I am currently a master’s student at the University of Toronto. I received my bachelor’s degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

I enjoy exploring my creative side through photography and learning to play the guitar (although I am still a beginner). I am also a huge fan of Nintendo games, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being my all-time favorite.

As a software developer, I have a strong passion for building complex and sophisticated systems, and have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects in the past, including my internship at tech startup SmartX where I worked on developing distributed storage systems for data centers. I have also had the chance to work at Alibaba Cloud, where I worked on ClickHouse.

My journey to this point has been full of twists and turns. It all started when I stumbled upon an old book about BASIC programming in my childhood. From that moment on, I knew I had a passion for coding, and set my sights on becoming a developer. However, my college days were filled with uncertainty as I explored different fields and tried to find my true passion. While I initially chased the trend of machine learning, I eventually realized that my true passion lay in building the systems that power large-scale applications.

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