I am Tsuki (me#qjx.app). I am majoring in Computer Science at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications from 2017.


I am currently interested in Programming Languages and Natural Language Processing. Besides, I also love Typography.


Programming Languages: can use multiple languages, especially C, C++, Python, Haskell and C#, familiar with Java, JavaScript/CSS/HTML, Swift, etc.

Digging into Programming Language Theory.

Developing Environment: Unix/Linux heavy user, familiar with all OSs/toolchains.

Machine Learning: Took course CS229.


(Working in progress) NotC Language imtsuki/NotC

A strongly-typed language running on .Net Core.

  • Supports type inference.
  • Provides a REPL while source file can be compiled into bytecode executable.

BUPT Score Spider imtsuki/BuptScoreSpider

A web crawler to collect grades from school's EA system.

Blog https://qjx.app

GitHub https://github.com/imtsuki

Email me#qjx.app

Zhihu https://www.zhihu.com/people/qiu-jian-xin

Bangumi https://bangumi.tv/user/441344